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Helping businesses Protect their People, Property and Profit

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What I Believe

It’s an obvious fact that health and safety risk is bad for business and all the people connected to it – staff, contractors, customers and public alike. You want to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build. I understand that perfectly.

Businesses today are faced with numerous threats, starting with the law itself of course – the option of ignoring health and safety is clearly over – the penalties for getting it wrong have never been higher.

Hard on the heels of this legal risk are personal injury claims, lost production time, building and equipment damage, recruitment and retention issues, and brand damage. Getting things wrong will carry a significant human and financial cost, forcing some businesses to close entirely after a bad accident.

Don’t despair though, creating a robust health and safety system is completely possible and I can help to get you there, providing you with a comprehensive range of business services such as:

  • Gap analysis, audits and full management systems
  • Risk assessment support
  • Training
  • Behavioural Safety Programmes
  • Accident Investigation
  • Safety Coaching

It’s easy to see when a business is managing health, safety and environment effectively – everything is tidy and organised, everyone knows what they are doing and staff motivation is high. This is incredibly reassuring to staff, contractors and customers alike, and if you do get a visit from the Enforcing Authorities, they’ll notice this control immediately.

Affordable services to help your business run smoothly

Attention to detail, qualifications and industry experience are what sets Haysman Consulting apart. A Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner with high-level qualifications in health, safety and environmental management, Stuart Haysman has worked in a wide variety of industries in management positions right up to board level, providing a unique blend of professional and commercial experience.

An initial chat is always free and carries no obligation.

What can happen when things go wrong?

The short answer is ‘a lot’.

Apart from the obvious impact on people who are injured or made ill at work (and their families and friends), many businesses are unaware of all the other pitfalls that they are exposed to.

Here are a few:

  • Director imprisonment
  • Director personal fines
  • Company prosecution and heavy fines
  • Fee For Intervention charges for breaches (at £129 per hour)
  • Personal injury claims
  • Loss of production time
  • Loss of management time
  • Increased insurance costs (public liability and employee liability)
  • Loss of equipment, stock and premises
  • Business interruption
  • Problems with employee recruitment and retention
  • Brand damage

Questions to ask yourself

If you’re confident you have it all covered and sewn up tight then that’s great, but you still might wish to consider:

  • Is my workplace tidy, safe and well organised?
  • Do I have good health, safety and environmental policies and procedures covering everything I do?
  • Do I get advice from a competent health and safety professional (which is a legal requirement)?
  • Is my fire safety management sorted?
  • Do I know if I have deadly asbestos in my buildings?
  • Do I have all my business activities risk-assessed properly?
  • Am I confident I manage my waste and energy legally?
  • Am I losing money through damage and employee absence?
  • Would my business avoid being harmed if was named and shamed in the local and national press?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, then you probably need to do more. If you choose to ignore health, safety and environmental management, the immediate risk will sit with the employees and the local environment, but the main financial and imprisonment risk will sit with the business owners and directors.