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Haysman Vault is your online Health and Safety resource. It is a cost-effective, do-it-yourself alternative for smaller businesses such as sole traders or start-ups who will have a Health and Safety requirement but may not yet have the need for formal Health and Safety services.

For an monthly subscription of £49, Haysman Vault gives you exclusive access to a whole range of downloadable compliant documents and guides for your business. And of course, if you need further support or your business expands, Stuart and the team are on-hand to help.

Call: 07469 967251 or Email: stuart@haysmanconsulting.com

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• Comprehensive On-line Guides
• A Regulary Updated Document Library
• E-mail Support
• A Fortnightly Newsletter
• 20% Off All Additional Services
• Access To A Chartered H&s Specialist
• A Certificate Of Competent Support


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