Ladders are Banned, Right?

I hear this particular quote many times, each and every week. Because the asumption is so common, I think it’s time I take steps (yes, pun fully intended) to talk about why people think this is true and why they are wrong (sort of). Let’s be very clear on an important...

10 Ways to Manage Workplace Chemicals

Pretty much every workplace will use chemicals of some kind. These can range from industrial process chemicals right down to kitchen cleaners or office antibacterial wipes. So, what exactly is a ‘chemical’ and is it the same thing as a substance, compound, element or...

What Exactly is Safety Culture?

It’s a well used phrase, but many organisations still don’t entirely understand what a Safety Culture is, if they even have one, how to measure and improve it if they do, and why it matters. In fact, every organisation has a Safety Culture – it’s just that some...

Stress Management in the Workplace

As I write this, it’s the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week, which happens every year, traditionally during the second week in May. Whilst this initiative covers all aspects of mental health, it’s the perfect time to take stock and think about what we, as...

10 Ways Towards Safer Driving at Work

During the last reporting year, around 450 people were killed on UK roads while they were driving for work. That’s around three times the number of deaths that occurred in fixed workplaces such as factories or construction sites. These numbers might come as a surprise...


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